Relevance of research

From Seb’s Open Research

Subjects, disciplines, and professions are categories that are useful in filing scientific knowledge and in dividing the labour involved in its pursuit, but they are nothing more than this. Nature and the world are not organized as science and universities are. There are no physical, chemical, biological, psychological, sociological or even Operational Research problems. These are names of different points-of-view, different aspects of the same reality, not different kinds of reality. Any problematic situation can be looked at from the point-of-view of any discipline, but not necessarily with equal fruitfulness. Read more and more here.

These are not my words but I kind of agree with them. In academic research we tend to divide the work into different streams and then in the end try to link everything to the real world. This can become a little difficult to achieve for a scholar. I think management research should be much more closer to the reality and we should study a problem rather than categorize it into different areas and then try to find a solution for that.

We can use different tools for solving a research problem, and at the same time we can use a mix of tools or methods to solve a problem. It all depends on what we are trying to solve rather than the research method with which we are familiar. This unhealthy obsession with a particular research method is not good for management research. Maybe use of particular type of research method leads to publication of papers in respected journals and opens up avenues for academic positions in some of the esteemed institutes but that does not imply this particular research method is “the best” way of doing research.

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