Why People Blog?

Looks like an interesting question. Some of the reasons provided by John C. Dvorak in his article are:

Ego gratification
Elimination of frustration
Societal need to share
Wanna-be writers

The author further says there can be many more reasons.

What are these other reasons? Can we find a trace of these reasons in the blogs written by people? What can be the method to do so?

Some time back Guardian had conducted a competition for selecting a best blog , they picked the best blog on the basis of quality and personality of its writing, design, originality, variety of links and for its “sense of purpose”. So is there any other category of blogs that satisfies this criteria to some extent and is different from the ones mentioned by Dvorak in pc magazine? What is this category? What can be the reason for people to write these kind of blogs? Or is there no difference?

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