Is the MBA responsible for moral turpitude at the top?

Interesting opinion in the economist

Business schools are not responsible for unethical behaviour of their old students.

“The dubious claim that business schools are responsible for the moral failures of their graduates decades after graduation does, however, highlight one widespread misunderstanding about the role and purpose of an MBA.”

Is economics to be blamed?

“Sumantra Ghoshal, a respected business academic who died last year,… (and other respected academics, such as Jeffrey Pfeffer of Stanford, are carrying his argument forward), is because management studies have been hi-jacked intellectually by the dismal science of economics.”

MBA = Business Leaders?

“a good MBA degree can help provide a student with analytical skills and theoretical knowledge useful to a business career. But becoming a successful leader of men and women in a turbulent business world
requires maturity and wisdom.”

Sadly maturity and wisdom cannot be taught in any academic program. We can only ensure that mature and wise students join business schools by using appropriate testing techniques.